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A folkloric mystery adventure series

Legend has it, that after God created the world, he scattered everything left from his bag of miracles in the place that is now Moroi Springs. To balance out the good and the bad in the Universe, the land started to be inhabited by some other type of creatures, embodying humans. The region took the name Moroi Springs, after one of the creatures living there.

This is where our story starts.



Moroi Springs is a game universe that comes to life through a series of folkloric adventures. The first game in the series is Winterlore. The story behind it was inspired by the types of tales our grandmas used to recite. It follows young Ozana through her coming of age journey. Soon to be discovered, the region of Moroi Springs hides more mysteries. Players use their wits to unravel the stories of mythical creatures living among unsuspecting townsfolk. The adventures will unfold over time, like a TV series, showing more and more of the world. Our aim is to resurface the connecting thread of rituals, tales and beliefs, that transcend generations and regions.

The name is made up by associating 2 words: Moroi - a type of Balkan vampire - and Springs - the point where water overflows to the surface.




Winterlore Chapter I

Follow the story of young Ozana, as she embarks on a quest of self-discovery and healing after her beloved grandmother passed away. She begins by treading in the same footsteps as her late grandmother, encouraged by the fact that she knows the family’s traditions inside and out. She’ll meet mysterious characters along the way. Some are friends, some are foes and some, are not entirely human.


Winterlore Chapter II

Follow the story of Ozana and her new found powers. The traditions she knew inside out bring a new meaning to her way of life and to Mamaie’s customs.
She’ll mend herbs, brew concoctions and cook sweets for the solstice feast. Along the way she’ll encounter guests bringing in new beginnings, while others appear uninvited into the home. 


To be continued...

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What people say


The story grows more vivid, the music more vibrant, and the environment exciting as the game progresses. Although it is not a long game, it tugs on all the heartstrings and makes you feel as if it is your own relative who has passed from this life.

--The Escape Roomer


Taking around twenty minutes to play through, Zestre impresses with its intuitive and inventive puzzle design, beautiful artwork and creepy atmosphere. It’s interesting to learn little anecdotes of Balkan family life as you play and the way the house interior alters as you progress is a nice touch. A stylish and spooky little puzzler well worth checking out.

--Alpha Beta Gamer


The game looks great because of the hand drawn art. The audio adds a lot the game. The sounds of feet along the snow crunch and the doors creak with a loud screech. It is all very good in adding to the eerie tension inside of an empty home.

--Grinds and Games




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