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Discover Winterlore
a folkloric mystery adventure

Moroi Springs is a game universe that comes to life through a series of folkloric adventures. The first game in the series is Winterlore. The story behind it was inspired by the types of tales our grandmas used to recite. It follows young Ozana through her coming of age journey. Soon to be discovered, the region of Moroi Springs hides more mysteries. Players use their wits to unravel the stories of mythical creatures living among unsuspecting townsfolk. The adventures will unfold over time, like a TV series, showing more and more of the world. Our aim is to resurface the connecting thread of rituals, tales and beliefs, that transcend generations and regions.

The name is made up by associating 2 words: Moroi - a type of Balkan vampire - and Springs - the point where water overflows to the surface.


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Winterlore I

Legend has it, that after God created the World, he scattered the crumbs left from his bag of miracles in the place that is now Moroi Springs. The land began to be inhabited by strange creatures to balance out the good and the bad in the World. Follow the story of young Ozana, as she embarks on a...

Genre: Games

Version: 1.0

Released: April 15, 2020



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